Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So excited
the kids have their first playdate
with a friend from open preschool
that takes place
3 times a week
and we
quite often

It is Ava
that Finka has gotten to like
and they often play

We agreed with her dad
(she is there always with her dad)
that we continue
to our fores
with our car
after the preschool
and they can stay
till the evening (how long they want)
when I will
drive them back.

So they come
and it is really cool
Kids have their first friend to visit.
I am making pancakes
And we eat

Kids play upstairs and
we also go outside...

then it becomes apparent
that only kids do not consider it as a playdate
A certain dad thinks
that while kids are playing
the grownups should play do.

So, that is why the bragging about
that he is a professional masseur
but the massage is not good at all...
that tries to sneak into
some other activity.

And if I say thanks for the massage
but nothing else is gonna happen
He anyway keeps trying...
Even when we are about to
go backto town
(maybe we can still...)

And I feel sad
that the kids cannot have
their new friend
visiting again...

I thought it was
kind of prefect
but the thought collapsed


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