Friday, February 6, 2015

Murks is Not Good Enough for Estonian Men

In fact, the rumor tells the story the other way around. Estonian Men are not good enough for Murks. This is spread by the elderly women (the mothers of the Estonian Men) and often you can hear it from the Men themselves. I am not really sure what does it mean. Is it like an accusation as if I have refused to keep up the national agenda of making more small Estonians? Or is it more specific - the mothers who say it out think concretely that I refused their son? And the men who say that they think that I have not used an opportunity (ihih) to be with themselves or other man-friend they thought that could have been suitable for me? Somehow you can not hear it from the younger generation of Estonian women, although I have one exception from a girl herself together with an Irish guy who said: "the foreign men are much better than Estonians, aren't they?" I did not now what to answer. I do not think one can distinguish the groups like that....
Of course, Murks is away from the precious homeland because of him, true. But this is definitely Good Enough for both.

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