Monday, December 15, 2014

Testing the borders

Who will give up first?
Is it me or him?
So far it is me
He has all the time of the world
Just to lie there
On the forest-track
Lookin at the tree-roots next to him
Or the  tree-tops above
Touching the snow-pits with his fingers
Or some wet-soaked pine cones
The gloves are taken off already long time ago
But mainly
Just lying
Doing nothing
And I tell him:
Please stand up!
Please stand up!
Please stand up!
You have to stand up!

And when I finally go to him
And lift him up
He gives me the sweetest laugh
And hugs me softly
So that I would not be too sad
That I lost this battle

But I promise to myself
That next time
I will have more patience.
And maybe better clothes
To lie next to him
And have all the time of the world
Together with him.

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