Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mother Murks is not normal

Standards. There are standards that we compare ourselves with. It is in human nature - like Levi-Srauss discussed - to classify, to make categories, to compare. The standards that are created by the society, by science, by ... any group of people. And then it is also common to compare everything to ones' self. And, of course, everything related to myself is normal. "I am normal," people say and think. Normal people.
Mother Murks' grandpa was once in 1930s selected as the most typical Estonian from anthropometric values. The standard person! Measures of the skull, length, wideness of chest... He was the most normal person in the gang of Estonians. Standard. He also had a super ironic way of making jokes, as Mother Murks has heard.. so, no-one would have wanted to be the target of his jokes. It seems to be also typical Estonian, or not?
Mother Murks has always thought to be normal. Maybe a bit small and fat, but this is also just cute. Still, the testing of Murks' chromosomes does not show that. Mother Murks is missing a gene in the 16th of chromosome. Hmmm. Apparently this is not normal, or is it? 

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