Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mother Murks is an Emigrant

Mother Murks is moving away.
To a beautiful lake named Tavelsjö. Close to a town called Umea. Close to Norrlands "best" university. Close to Norrlands' biggest and best hospital. To Sweden.
 - Because he does not like living here in Estonia.
 - Because he had to disappoint so many times here. With people. How things are done. How things are communicated.
 - Because there is no workplace here in Estonia for him. Because of the finances. Because of the institutional stagnation of the work colleagues.
 - Because the rehabilitation system sucks in Estonia. Though, there are some nice people, there are more bureaucratic ones and those that float in the system. 
 - Because the medical system sucks in Estonia. I still hope that there is the knowledge, and the problem is only in "patient communication". But I do not know anymore...
 - Because our daughter needs (most probable) special care and tolerant society.
 - Because he needs to be close to his workplace and his friends.

What does Emigrant Murks need?


Laura said...

Oe, Murksik, see kõik kõlab ju täiesti kurvalt. Välja arvatud ehk ilus järv.
No ma ei tea. Päikest sinu mõtetesse ja unedesse:)

Murks said...

Ah, tegelt pole midagi nii kurba. Pigem isegi on huvitav, et saab jälle uude kohta :).