Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mother Murks is thinking about disability

Recently there has been a lot of talking about disabilities. People with disabilities. Children with disabilities. It seems to Mother Murks that people like to use this word "disability" to describe anything that is a bit abnormal and not conventional. Abnormal behavior or a state of mind or understanding or... 
BUT EVERYTHING IS NOT DISABILITY! Some things ARE just the personal characteristics of the person. Some things ARE just the personal preferences of the person. And if you do not understand them or agree with them, do not try to change them but just accept them.
Mother Murks thinks that it is important to leave the disability-diagnosis for the medical doctors to decide. Disabilities are possible to treat with therapies. If not really treat but at least control with therapies. But if one wants to change the persons characteristics or preferences... THIS IS JUST BRAIN-WASHING!  
Mother Murks knows... sometimes it is difficult to distinct between diagnosis and characteristics. And, most probable, medicine can still develop a lot to give new and different diagnosis to different states of mind. But I think if anyone wants to be wise enough to give diagnosis to new types of "mental disabilities" it can only ask for trouble and more misunderstandings among the people close to you as well as in the society in general.
"Disability" in common language is used as something negative, ridiculous, depreciative. It should not be like that, but those were-doctors just regenerate the negativity towards disabled people (given a medical diagnosis) even more.Disabled people could sometimes enrich the society even more than the "normal" ones.

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