Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mother Murks is laughing at the dog and the baby

Every morning when the dog sees the baby been woken up she goes and brings her bone. The baby is normally on the floor and crawls between her toys. The dog puts her bone close to baby and lies down next to it , making the face she is just minding her own business, maybe cleaning herself a bit or something. Of course the baby notices to bone and goes directly for it. Sometimes she Mother Murks is faster than the baby and says "Ei", "Eee" or "Athena, ei tohi!" Then the dog takes fast the bone and comes to Mother Murks waving her tail. sometimes the baby is faster and turns to her back to enjoy the bone. Mother Murks says "Eee", and the dog goes and takes the bone gently from her hands. And goes again somewhere close to attract the baby to come and play. Every morning. Playing is fun!

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