Thursday, June 2, 2011

Princess Murks is an onion

Fresh onion is so juicy and tasty! Mmm. The juice is jumping to your eyes when you cut it, it spreads all over the cutting board, the table the clothes... the knife is tripping from the juice. And the smell is so inviting... mmm! "Bite me fresh or fry me on the pan and add me to your food. I can make everything taste so good," it says.. And the taste is amazing... in the source, grilled on the grill, fried to add to risotto... mmmm...
And onions are so interesting. They have such an interesting structure. Layer on another layer. One can get lost into them. One just wants to see what is under one layer.. is the next one the same color the same structure or is there any variance any dispersion between the color, the patterns, the size, the... Onions are the most interesting and amazing and the most tasty vegetables in the world! Princess Murks wants to be an onion.

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