Thursday, June 23, 2011

Princess Murks is becoming more-n-more selfish

"The only thing important is what I want," thinks Princess Murks.
If somebody is not willing to please Princess Murks, she becomes cranky. She becomes cranky when the chef in a restaurant is not willing to make changes in the menu and prepare an additional small salad for Princess Murks.
If Princess Murks is sleepy then even the most interesting travel-stories by friends do not keep her awake. She becomes rued and says... "Screw you, I am going to bed!"
If somebody wants to give Princess Murks some extra work to do. Write something... Analyze something... Give some ideas about something that you already know... Something, something. Princess Murks is willing to do it only if the time and place and the duration fits her. Princess Murks can not sit in the chair more than an hour, and in the afternoon she wants to have a nap, and preferably there should be drinking water available all the time, and... So, anything that does not fit these conditions is boring and irrelevant.
Princess Murks is not willing to take any extra responsibilities, any extra things. She wants to chill and relax and read some interesting books and think by herself and do not care if anybody else is around or not. Just Princess Murks is important. Only her.

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