Friday, April 8, 2011

Princess Murks walks among happy children

It is strange. Recently Princess Murks has noticed something strange. Princess Murks is passing by a women with a small kid in the carriage. The child has an extremely happy reaction - smiling at Princess Murks and even reaching out her hand. Next time Princess Murks is in a food-store. another mother with her kid. Again the kid has this reaction.. smiles and looks at Princess Murks with huge happy eyes. This makes Princess Murks feel nice, smile back and say "hej-hej!". And again, Princess Murks is walking up the stairs, hungry and not in a very good mood. There is a kid standing int he end of the stairs with her mother. The kid is reaching her hand and trying to grasp Princess Murks' hand - unfortunately she passed to fast.. but they are looking at each other and the kid is waving happily.. Of course Princess Murks waves back and smiles.
Eh. Are there only happy kids all around or is it Princess Murks that makes them happy? But she does nothing to achieve anything like that.. Always the kids take the initiative to smile and greet. Princess Murks can even be in a relatively bad mood, and not smile or make funny faces to the kids to make them smile at her. Hmm.
Strange. It is a spring of happy kids.

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