Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Princess Murks does not have a place

There is no place in the world where Princess Murks would like to stay. Going somewhere is like a force of nature. Going away. Oujee, it sounds so extremely deep now. Even a bit too insipid. But it is as the plain words are saying.
Someone may ask: 'Where do you want to live? Where do you want to settle? Where do you want to form your family?'
The only concrete answer Princess Murks can give is: 'Not here!!!'
Is it that the need for settle down comes with time? At least that is what old wise guys like to say. If it is true then Princess Murks somehow would like to use this time now. Would like to have this feeling to settle and stay. But it is more like.. 'Not here!' and maybe even 'Not there as well!' and the most difficult is.. 'I do not know where!' and also.. 'Why the hell I need to make this kind of decisions, let it just go as it goes BUT I do not want to stay here!'
Is there a place for the family of Princess Murks?

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