Monday, March 1, 2010

Princess Murks is having intensive interior monologues

Princess Murks is tired. It is really tiring to always listen to ones own thoughts. They are just coming and coming. One can not end while the other one is already there. So many different ones. No one is overlapping.
Princess Murks wishes her brain could just thinking about simple things. Like: "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, nuts, nuts, nuts!" And for longer time than just few seconds.
Princess Murks wishes that she could have time to think about all these thoughts for longer time than just the short period before the next one steps in.
Princess Murks wishes she had all the time to fulfill all these excellent ideas. No time. No time. Only ideas flowing over and nothing visible is changing.
Only the herpes is appearing on Princess Murks' lips to show that there IS something going on. This something is happening only inside her, all these great ideas take form only inside her and disappear again to make room for the next.
Princess Murks is the same. The world is changing. The ideas are changing in Princess Murks' head. After spending the day of doing nothing but letting the ideas flow through, Princess Murks is tired.