Monday, February 8, 2010

Princess Murks is living in the metro

Princess Murks has never before lived in a town with a metro. Now, having living in one already for 5 months, Princess Murks suddenly realizes how much the metro is influencing her life. How much time she spends there, how much it connects her life between different places, how many things she does there, how many thoughts she thinks there. The metro has become a place itself, with its own identity, activities, meanings.
What happens during the time spent in metro:
- Reading, a lot of reading. Metro has the best atmosphere to concentrate on books and articles. One day Princess Murks will sit in the metro and go round-and-round just to read a good book.
- Smells. It does not stink, but quite often one can smell some smoke, some weed...
- The languages. It is nice to sit and listen to people talking foreign languages and try to understand them - Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, English... Or then just to take a free newspaper from the bench and try to read, easier even to read the advertisements. And to repeat the names of the stations after the official voice.
- The styles. What people are wearing, what are the details, how they make themselves look like. Who is stylish? Who is not stylish?
- Hairiness. Totally new topic for Princess Murks, but it is so interesting to look what kind of hair people have in their face. Specially interesting are the eyebrows. How the eyebrows are styled? Metro is a perfect place to make quite close observations about the hair :).
- Writing. To take out a notebook and write down all the turbid ideas of the day. Also the plan - what needs to be done when the metro-trip is over.
- A conversation. Has not really happened so far. And Princess Murks has not missed it. Better to be on a silent observer or introvert position. Mind your own business.
- Think. Just sit and watch with empty eyes into the distance. Maybe think of something. Or just close the eyes and try to rest them, sleep.


piLts said...

jees..everything seems quite enjoyable..but can you imagine to do the same observing when metro is full of people and you have to fight every morning and evening to get a space for standing?fortunately there is not this kind of situation in stockholm:-)

Mari said...

Then I could probable get some close-ups of people... Even to see what kind of bugs are living in their facial hair :)

Mari said...

I wonder why the metros are not the places to hang and chill as the big malls. It is warm, it is anonymous, there are benches to sit on and boxes to buy chocolate, gum, and lemonade... When one station gets boring or the security gets angry you can change to another one...