Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess Murks is traveling in dreams

Princess Murks is traveling. Not a big news. even the blog here is a travel-log as everyone can read from the title. But still sometimes it is surprising. Surprising even for Princess Murks. Few examples:
1. Princess Murks is seemingly living in one place already for one week but every night when she goes to sleep she starts traveling. The trips are so clear. Meeting friends. Doing fun things with them - oaring a boat, skiing, having a beer in a bar, going to a cinema... Having conversations. Princess Murks feels tired and confused in the morning. Where am I now? it is hard to wake up. Needs a special effort to call back her soul to the body. Normally it takes even few hours to wake up. To come back...
2. Somebody asks Princess Murks: "So, are you the only one from your family who is living abroad?" Eh? What? Living abroad? No, Princess Murks is not living abroad. Princess Murks is just traveling. Or living? Or traveling? Or living? Is there really a big difference? Princess Murks can answer: "Yes, the others form my family are traveling at home" :)

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