Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I am sorry

Does it say anything
about a person
and the way he lived
how are his last days
in this life.

I have always thought that
dying should be
somehow dignifying
summary of
the existence.

Especially when you have time
to still be alive
and slowly go
think about
what have been done
solving the undone thoughts
looking into the eyes
of your loved ones
and making peace
with them
and yourself.

does it say
when the one person
that should be
the closest the most caring
is instead
manipulating with you
the last days
of your life
and making you do
embarrassing things.

Does it say
that your life was
put up on manipulations
and lies
without love
or caring
or it is just bad luck
that she does
these mean things
at this fragile times
and anything
for not
letting you go
in peace..
Maybe it is her way
to accept
by being
so evil

I am sorry

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