Friday, September 16, 2011

Princess Murks is thoughtful, caring, humble and forbearing

Princess Murks was asked if there has been anything or anybody in Princesses' life to remember and recall as "thoughtful, caring, humble and forbearing (= motherly)". To have as an example, as somebody/-thing to look up to. And how this person or thing is like - to describe it more.
What did Princess Murks recall?
From Princess Murks' side there should be few more things added to this list of "motherly" characteristics. Because those people, who Princess Murks admires as "mothers", have those too. One is: "laziness" and the other "ability to include".
You wonder how can laziness be motherly? Very simple logic. In order to be there for other people to take care of them and forbear their moods and everything.. one has to be lazy enough for not to want to make everything by her/himself, not to have control over what is taking place and how the things are done. Mother has many responsibilities already and being lazy just helps not to lose oneself into the responsibility of being a good and caring mother.
"Ability to include" drives from being lazy. It is much easier to include other people to whatever you have to do at home and make every activity attractive to them. These other people do not have to be only kids but other members of the family, friends, relatives, visitors...
And it is NOT just to make mothers' life easier but the others' life more fun!
So, maybe the ideal mother-figure for Princess Murks is Tom Sawyer when he was painting fence planks.

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Murks said...

In fact, this laziness is not easy to achieve...