Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Princess Murks is a sleeping-machine

Princess Murks has a sleeping machine inside herself. Sleeping is nice. Princess Murks likes it. Though, sometimes the sleeping has to be organized a bit.. especially with this kind of sleeping-machine...
This sleeping-machine works on food. Every time after Princess Murks has eaten something she feels an urgent need to sleep. In the morning when Princess Murks wakes up she needs to do some important things before the breakfast.. because after breakfast there has to be at least 30min of sleep. There has to be a nice sleep in the afternoon... or, if Princess Murks has some important things to do then better not eat lunch... otherwise the important things are transformed into important sleep.
Princess Murks could go to sleep in the evening strait after dinner and continue till morning.. so, better to eat as late as possible.

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